We gathered a passionate group of our #AerieREAL Changemakers earlier this month to kick off our first-ever Real Talk: Changemakers Edition panels. This week, we’ve continued the virtual series with another round of our 2020 Changemakers in order to discuss how they have started — and perhaps more importantly, sustained — their respective passion projects. Author Cleo Wade stepped in to moderate the live event, taking us through an insightful discussion with Bella Lam of Coconut Whisk, Mei-Li Hey of Atwero, Katie Long of Bensmaia Lab, Brittany Sinitch of The Unbreakable Org and Candice Youngblood of the Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation/Youth on Root.

Check out the video below to see Cleo and the Changemakers talk the power of manifesting your dreams, dealing with feeling insufficient, protecting your energy and managing imposter syndrome (hint: you might not ever escape it!). Then let us know in the comments what your biggest takeaways are from the REAL advice shared throughout this panel.  

We hope you gained fresh insight and inspiration after watching our second Real Talk: Changemakers Edition. What passion projects of your own are you ready to start? Share with us in the comments Aerie fam!  

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