Did you take a moment to slow down and breathe as you followed along with Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s recent kindness meditation? Well next up, our OFFLINE™ by Aerie Wellness Expert is picking up the pace with a quick 10-minute workout. She’ll focus on targeting the abs using your own body weight, while encouraging you to listen to your body and make sure to have fun along the way.  

See Melissa demonstrate her ab-focused moves — while rocking OFFLINE’s The Hugger Crackle Jogger and matching sports bra! — in our latest OFFLINE Movement video below. Then catch up on more of our workouts in our new Health & Movement section!   

Do you feel the burn, Aerie fam? Let us know what you thought of the routine in the comments below and keep up with more from Melissa on Instagram @melissawoodhealth!  

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