Drum roll please… Introducing our AerieREAL Period™ Undie! This worry-free period underwear is made for when comfort and protection are what you need most. Plus, swapping feminine products for our AerieREAL Period™ Undie is better for the planet, too! The AerieREAL Period™ Undie is here so you can feel good EVERY week (Pro tip: check with your healthcare provider as these undies also may qualify for your HSA/FSA benefits!).

This undie was designed meticulously with soft and stretchy, breathable cotton with a leak-proof finish (to make sure you’re always protected). It’s highly absorbent, too — its moisture wicking gusset holds up to two tampons of fluid. To test it out, we asked some of our Aerie fam (team members and more!) to try it for themselves and let us know how we did. Read on to hear what they thought!

On washing the period undie…

“Easy! Freaked me out to wash the undie with other garments at first. I have washed and worn this undie endless times and it is still in perfect condition!”

-Aerie Merchant, very light flow

“I don’t have many hang ups when it comes to washing things together, so the undies went in with my darks and it was just fine!”

-Aerie MM, short and heavy flow

“After several wears my undie is still intact and works perfect.”

-Aerie Design Coordinator, heavy flow

On the undie’s biggest surprises…

“I think the most surprising factor about this undie is that in theory, it seemed like it was going to fit almost like a diaper, but once you wear it you realize that it really just feels like a regular full coverage undie—so much less bulky than I imagined. I think I was also a bit worried it would feel like I was sitting in my period blood all day, but in reality, it wasn’t noticeable in the slightest! It really absorbs so well!”

-Aerie Merchant, average to light period

“I was so surprised by the absorbency of the undies, along with never feeling bulky or uncomfortable.  I was worried initially about leakage, and the undie never leaked!”

–Aerie MM, short and heavy flow

“I was very surprised at how THIN and flexible yet highly absorbent and effective this undie was! I was pleasantly surprised.”

-Aerie Merchant, very light period

On how this undie makes them feel #AerieREAL…

“I have a really short and heavy flow so—not to be dramatic—but this undie has changed my life! I wore it as extra protection both during the day and overnight. I always felt secure and wasn’t worried about leaking even though it just feels like you’re wearing regular underwear—not a bulky pad! Recommending to every woman I know!”

-Aerie Undie Designer, short and heavy flow

“I’ve been a tampon wearer all of my life and let’s face it, sometimes that just doesn’t feel comfortable. I feel like with my period undie, I finally found a COMFY solution that I feel confident in, and that definitely made me feel #aerieREAL!”

-High Schooler, average to light period

“This undie made me feel comfortable and confident during those rough period days.”

-Aerie Merchant, very light period

On when it’s best to wear this undie…

“I have been wanting to try an option that was better for the planet, and I’ve tried cups but never could get comfortable.  I was worried that this would feel like I was wearing a pad, but I never felt that way.  I felt completely comfortable!  I also loved how perfect it was to sleep in.” 

-Aerie MM, short and heavy flow

“I loved wearing this overnight. It was comfy enough to sleep in and I had no problems with leaking!”

-Aerie Undie Designer, short and heavy flow

“I felt best wearing this while working from home all day and also wearing these undies to bed. It is comfortable and you don’t feel like you are wearing a period product!”

-Aerie Merchant, very light period

On everything else…

“Overall, I am so excited that aerie is making steps toward offering a solve to period protection that helps the planet.  Seriously, who would have thought that Aerie could make me feel good about myself and helping the planet.”

– Aerie Undie Designer, short and heavy flow

“It is definitely worth giving this undie a try! I know periods are a very personal thing and it’s hard not to be skeptical of a product like this, but it WORKS! It felt absorbent, sanitary, and unnoticeable under clothing. I’m so glad I gave these undies a try because I now know that being on my period doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable!”

-Aerie Merchant, light to average period

“I was hesitant to try this product but now I would recommend it to all the women I know! I think women and girls will be hesitant to try something new, but I urge everyone to give it a try—this undie is magical!”

-Aerie Merchant, very light period

Wash Instructions

1. First, hand-rinse with cold water.

2. Using a mesh/laundry bag, machine wash the undies cold on delicate cycle (OK to wash them with other items!).

3. Tumble dry low.

Are you excited to test out our AerieREAL Period™ Undie for yourself?! Comment below and tell us what you think!

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