Drum roll please… Introducing our Aerie Real. Period.® Undie! This worry-free period underwear is made for when comfort and protection are what you need most. Plus, swapping feminine products for our Aerie Real. Period.® Undie is better for the planet, too! The Aerie Real. Period.® Undie is here so you can feel good EVERY week (Pro tip: check with your healthcare provider as these undies also may qualify for your HSA/FSA benefits!).

This undie was designed meticulously with soft and stretchy, breathable cotton with a leak-proof finish (to make sure you’re always protected). It’s highly absorbent, too — its moisture wicking gusset holds up to two tampons of fluid. To test it out, we asked some of our Aerie fam (team members and more!) to try it for themselves and let us know how we did. Read on to hear what they thought!

On washing the period undie…

“Easy! Freaked me out to wash the undie with other garments at first. I have washed and worn this undie endless times and it is still in perfect condition!”

-Aerie Merchant, very light flow

“I don’t have many hang ups when it comes to washing things together, so the undies went in with my darks and it was just fine!”

-Aerie MM, short and heavy flow

“After several wears my undie is still intact and works perfect.”

-Aerie Design Coordinator, heavy flow

On the undie’s biggest surprises…

“I think the most surprising factor about this undie is that in theory, it seemed like it was going to fit almost like a diaper, but once you wear it you realize that it really just feels like a regular full coverage undie—so much less bulky than I imagined. I think I was also a bit worried it would feel like I was sitting in my period blood all day, but in reality, it wasn’t noticeable in the slightest! It really absorbs so well!”

-Aerie Merchant, average to light period

“I was so surprised by the absorbency of the undies, along with never feeling bulky or uncomfortable.  I was worried initially about leakage, and the undie never leaked!”

–Aerie MM, short and heavy flow

“I was very surprised at how THIN and flexible yet highly absorbent and effective this undie was! I was pleasantly surprised.”

-Aerie Merchant, very light period

On how this undie makes them feel #AerieREAL…

“I have a really short and heavy flow so—not to be dramatic—but this undie has changed my life! I wore it as extra protection both during the day and overnight. I always felt secure and wasn’t worried about leaking even though it just feels like you’re wearing regular underwear—not a bulky pad! Recommending to every woman I know!”

-Aerie Undie Designer, short and heavy flow

“I’ve been a tampon wearer all of my life and let’s face it, sometimes that just doesn’t feel comfortable. I feel like with my period undie, I finally found a COMFY solution that I feel confident in, and that definitely made me feel #aerieREAL!”

-High Schooler, average to light period

“This undie made me feel comfortable and confident during those rough period days.”

-Aerie Merchant, very light period

On when it’s best to wear this undie…

“I have been wanting to try an option that was better for the planet, and I’ve tried cups but never could get comfortable.  I was worried that this would feel like I was wearing a pad, but I never felt that way.  I felt completely comfortable!  I also loved how perfect it was to sleep in.” 

-Aerie MM, short and heavy flow

“I loved wearing this overnight. It was comfy enough to sleep in and I had no problems with leaking!”

-Aerie Undie Designer, short and heavy flow

“I felt best wearing this while working from home all day and also wearing these undies to bed. It is comfortable and you don’t feel like you are wearing a period product!”

-Aerie Merchant, very light period

On everything else…

“Overall, I am so excited that aerie is making steps toward offering a solve to period protection that helps the planet.  Seriously, who would have thought that Aerie could make me feel good about myself and helping the planet.”

– Aerie Undie Designer, short and heavy flow

“It is definitely worth giving this undie a try! I know periods are a very personal thing and it’s hard not to be skeptical of a product like this, but it WORKS! It felt absorbent, sanitary, and unnoticeable under clothing. I’m so glad I gave these undies a try because I now know that being on my period doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable!”

-Aerie Merchant, light to average period

“I was hesitant to try this product but now I would recommend it to all the women I know! I think women and girls will be hesitant to try something new, but I urge everyone to give it a try—this undie is magical!”

-Aerie Merchant, very light period

Wash Instructions

1. First, hand-rinse with cold water.

2. Using a mesh/laundry bag, machine wash the undies cold on delicate cycle (OK to wash them with other items!).

3. Tumble dry low.

Are you excited to test out our Aerie Real. Period.® Undie for yourself?! Comment below and tell us what you think!

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  1. Nicole

    would love to see period undies that are fully lined up the back. only one other company that I know of does this, and I would really like protection when laying down as im a back sleeper

    1. Aerie

      We really appreciate your feedback! We always want to make you happy. To make sure your comments reach all teams, please fill out the “Feedback” section at the bottom of the Aerie website. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service Team at 1-888-232-4535 or send them an email here: http://on.ae.com/1jQrZef. They’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    2. Aimee

      Yes, ditto!

    3. Jess

      What's the name of the other brand??

  2. Karen S

    There was initial concern that some of the absorption materials had PFA’s in them. Can you please inform us on the materials being used and verify that PFA levels were tested and if levels were or were not found present?

    Thank you,

    1. Katie

      This is an excellent question, I would like to know too!

    2. Rachel


    3. Deb S

      I am researching this product, and wanted to know if Karen's question was answered:

      "There was initial concern that some of the absorption materials had PFA’s in them. Can you please inform us on the materials being used and verify that PFA levels were tested and if levels were or were not found present?"

      I would not even consider trying these wonderful sounding underwear, or suggesting them to others, without knowing the material makeup.

      1. Suzanne

        I would really like to know the materials these are made with as well before buying.

        1. Amanda Crowe

          I would like to know if this product is tested for fluorine?

        2. Grace

          me as well. Why has aerie not responded to this question?

        3. Lili

          I'm wondering why they haven't responded here……? I'd like to know as well.

      2. Morgan

        I would also like to know if these contain PFAs.

      3. Rachel

        I feel like no answer is your answer….the company responded to most other questions and comments except this one.

    4. Kristi

      THere must be some sort of PFAS involved because they have intentionally skipped over your question and the responses below but have commented on others… Transparency is lacking here. PFAS is dangerous.

    5. Melanie

      Aerie, please answer this question. I also would like to know if PFAs are used. Thank you.

    6. Carly P.

      Aerie, why has this question still not been answered over a year and a half later? I stopped using another brand because of PFA's. Please comment on this. It is very important.

      1. Aerie

        Hello Carly! We have passed the BV Testing. A comprehensive test was done for all PFAS’s, since PFAS includes thousands of chemicals including PFOA/PFAS. There was also a total fluorine test was completed and passed.

        1. MCfairfax

          So if you bought a year ago that means those did not pass and have chemicals? Will you replace them?

          1. Aerie

            Hello MCfairfax! We have passed the BV Testing for our period undies. A comprehensive test was done for all PFAS’s, since PFAS includes thousands of chemicals including PFOA/PFAS.

          2. Lydia C.

            I would also like clarification on timing as I believe an earlier version of the Aerie response specified the "new" period underwear. When did the underwear start passing the BV testing? Should older underwear be replaced?

          3. Jenny

            I would also like to know the timing of the tests that Aerie conducted.

        2. Kristin

          Here is my issue: You still haven't answered the previous question. Have you pulled the old underwear that had PFAs in them? Also, you need to make your claims about testing available to the public to back up your statements, along with listing all of the materials used in the underwear. Simply stating that they are 95% and 5% elastane is not enough these days after the fallout from the Thinx underwear lawsuit. I was also one of the Thinx customers who was harmed after using their underwear, and my trust in all period underwear has been damaged. The only way to regain trust is through complete transparency about your product. Otherwise, they just won't sell in the current period underwear market. Please do better and come back with a set of real answers instead of pandering to us with very generic canned corporate responses. Alternatively, you should pull all the underwear off the shelves until every customer can safely buy Aerie period underwear.

        3. Codie

          What does passed mean? I think a more transparent answer was what we were hoping for … like yes or no? The website looks so organic and earthy with so much emphasis on Mother Earth; but I've spent 20 minutes trying to find out if these are nontoxic or organic. Going through that hunt to find this is disappointing. =(

  3. Nicole

    I'm very skeptical about trying these. My periods are so heavy and what about blood clots are these ment to be a back up product for leaks or are they meant to be the only product?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Nicole, while you can use these as back up they are able to be used as a sole period product. We would love for you to give them a try!

      1. Mar

        I am right there with Nicole. My periods are long and heavy. At times, I wear both tampons and pads. My uniform for work is light colored so on these days, I would love to not be fearful of leaks.

  4. Tricia

    I'm with Nicole. A little skeptical. I also have very heavy periods and have always had issues with leaking, especially at night, no matter the product I use. Regardless, I wouldn't mind using these, they seem like they would be a nice backup for my really bad days.

    1. Aerie

      These are approved for standalone use, though you can definitely use them as a backup as well!

  5. Coop

    I don’t wear tampons.. only pads. Can these undies be worn without pads?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Coop! Yes! These undies are meant to be worn as a replacement for pads.

  6. Brandy

    I’d love to see these in a high waist!

    1. Jess


    2. Brenda

      Exactly my thought! Also no-show (no seams) around the legs/booty would be awesome!

  7. Stephanie

    High-waisted would be great and so much more comfortable when you are on your period.

  8. Cat

    Love the fit of these (fyi they run large; I got them a size down from my normal underwear), but they’ve soaked straight through to my jeans every time I’ve worn them— once on a day when I’d otherwise only need a light tampon, and once while I was just using them instead of a pad *while wearing* a tampon. I get why the gusset is black, but that makes it hard to tell when the fabric is getting oversaturated before it’s too late.

    1. Tammy J

      Thank you Cat, very helpful

  9. Marina Welles

    I have one pair of these and absolutely love love love them, I have a heavier flow and these are so comfortable and are the best period undies I have tried. I used these on my first day nearly without any other products (two tampons in the morning) and they held up for an entire amusement park day! Please restock these I NEED more!!!!

    1. Aerie

      Hey Marina! Check them out here !

  10. Julia

    I got a pair of these and love them so much. The inside stuff covers the back and front perfect. I got my regular size. Just wondering if these will be coming back since they are out of stock and have been for awhile and I'd really love another pair?

    1. Aerie

      Hey Julia! Check them out here !

  11. Kristen

    I love these! I bought a pair a few months ago and they really are nice. Are these currently sold out? Are they coming back? I want to get a few more but I cant find them anywhere on the site 😢

    1. Aerie

      Hey Kristen! Check them out here !

  12. Chantal D.

    Are these in stores now? Are they going to be available in Canada? Can’t wait to try them – what an amazing initiative Aerie has come
    up with! I just love that it’s helping reduce waste ♻️ especially having less plastics!
    – Big fan of Aerie undies,
    Chantal D. (Beaumont, Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦)

    1. Aerie

      Hey Chantal! Be sure to check out them on our site!

  13. Latisha

    I'm trying to figure out if each time I use the bathroom am I supposed to just pull the blood soaked underwear back up on me & continue on my day? Or am I changing these with each bathroom break throughout the day? I'm confused

    1. Tara

      I am wondering this too!

    2. FitChic

      I am interested in this too

    3. Siobhan

      If it feels or looks wet or is uncomfortable I change mine.

    4. Car

      I can relate to this question but I laughed so hard I had tears. Thank you

  14. Hsa question

    Are these allowed with HSA/FSA?

  15. Liz

    I have a question about washing: are you supposed to wash them the same day, or you expected to keep a bunch of blood-soaked underwear until it's laundry day? I don't normally do laundry every day and especially not going to do it on a period day, but the idea of keeping them for a few days before washing seems gross. What do people do?

    1. Jennifer

      I hand wash mine at the end of the day and let it air dry and then cycle wash it when it comes to laundry day.

  16. Wendy

    Will you be coming out with period swimwear?

  17. Andrea

    How long does the period underwear last? I have seen orhers that you can only use a few times before needing to replace.

  18. Britney

    Would these be a good option to have for overnight after having a baby and worrying about leaking on the bed? This will be my first pregnancy so I am unsure what to expect for after, but wanted something like this instead of sleeping on an uncomfortable pad that I was warned I would have to do.

    1. Steph

      Hey Britney. You're going to want something "extreme" after having your baby. Most of my other mom friends wore full-on Depends for at least a day or two after birth, just for the ease and comfort of using those over giant pads. I didn't use them for my first, but I made certain I had some and was glad I did when I had my second!! My hospital didn't provide the mesh ones. Maybe see what your hospital provides first. All dignity and modesty goes out the window when you give birth, so you're likely going to prioritize comfort and convenience over vanity.

    2. Ariel

      As the other poster said, these probably won't be enough for the first few days after having a baby. However, bleeding can continue at the level of a light period for weeks (seven weeks of red blood for me!) and they would be perfect for that. After I first started wearing mine, I was actually thinking how much I wish I'd had something similar for the early postpartum phase. Keep in mind it will take some time for your stretched belly to shrink back (even if you don't have much extra weight) so size accordingly.

      1. Deb S

        So if these work so well with period blood, wouldn't they also be great for women who have slight to mild incontinence? I know a few of us who could benefit! I've had twins, and now it's a race for the bathroom! My Grandmother lost her ability to tell if she needed to pee, as has a friend who is living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

        I love the low waist/on-the-hips rise on these! I wonder if they could be made (somehow) using a boycutt inseam of four inches, at least? I wear women's boycutts from TomboyX, and I love them… I have scoliosis (spine curvature) which makes my R leg a smidgen shorter, and I may as well wear thong underwear if I'm not wearing boycutts.
        PS: why can't we call them girlcutt shorts?

        1. Lindsay

          love the idea of using these for mild/moderate incontinence. Personally i have an unpredictable period, so it'll be nice to give these a try when that week is getting close, and hopefully prevent ruining clothes. but, i also do senior care, and many aging ladies feel ashamed to address incontinence, leading to further stress around the condition and aging in general. Often ladies will choose similar comfy-cute clothing and undergarments to what I wear when we're shopping, so I will definitely get a couple pair and let you know how it goes- for both period and senior use 🙂

  19. Sam

    I just tried them yesterday and loved them more than expected. But I've been trying find out what the material inside the absorbent liner made of. It's the gusset made of cotton? It's the absorbent liner made of cotton as well? Some of the period underwear say 95% cotton and 5% spandex and others say a mix of acrylics and polyester. I'm so confused.

    Can you tell me specifically what each layer, from the gusset to the absorbent liner and beyond what the material is made of? What's keeping the period from going through the last layer of the underwear?

  20. JoAnna

    Aerie could you please comment on what absorption materials are used whether this product has been tested for PFAs

  21. Marie

    Can I use it for incontinence ? Since I gave birth, sometimes when I exercise, I pee a bit 🙄 is there any way those undies could offer me protection without the smell ?

  22. Jade

    Has this product been tested for PFAS? If so, what level was found? I would be interested in seeing an expanded ingredients list. There are at least two laws on the books for disclosure of ingredients list of period products. AB 1989—Menstrual Products Right to Know Act of 2020
    in California and S.2387-B/A.164-B in NY. I purchased this underwear back in December 2022 when they went on sale. I live and had it shipped to NY. Based on NY's disclosure law, I would like to see an ingredients list, if possible please. Ingredient lists and transparent testing for PFAS is a great selling point for responsible manufacturers and I think they should absolutely be added to the product listing.

    1. Aerie

      Hello Jade! We have passed the BV Testing. A comprehensive test was done for all PFAS’s, since PFAS includes thousands of chemicals including PFOA/PFAS. For the new period undie, total fluorine test was completed and passed.

      1. Erin

        New? How do we know if we have new or old ones?

        1. Aerie

          Hi Erin! Sorry for the confusion! Both new styles and old styles have gone through all of the rigorous testing needed!

  23. Kat

    Can you go into detail about "new", what date is the new date. Do period panties that were bought previously contain PFAS?

  24. Lia

    Can you wear these all day?

  25. Jenn

    Can you swim in these?

  26. Sarah Coleman

    Hi Aerie! I was wondering if I can reuse these for like about 3 of my periods, and wear them four days continuously? So like 12 days in total? Thank you! I was also wondering if my 12 year old daughter could wear these on her periods?

  27. Jamie

    Where can I find the completed test results for BV Testing and PFAS panel? You explained you passed but there are accepted levels that I would like quantified. Let me know if independent testing will need to be done, because I have the means to do so

  28. Jackie Lynn Cheney

    Good Morning!
    I am the school nurse for Centennial High School in Boise Id. Occasionally I have females who bleed through their pants because of heavy flows, early surprises, or lack of resources, disrupting their learning opportunities. I am reaching out to companies that would be interested in donating products or funds to purchase products to our student pantry. These supplies and resources are monitored by staff and provided to students in need. If you would like to be part of providing the best possible educational opportunities for female students, please reach out to me

    Thank you!
    Jackie Cheney RN
    Centennial High School
    Health Office
    12400 W McMillan RD
    Boise ID 83713

    Every little step we take is more than the none we would accomplish by not trying.

  29. Kay

    Can you make heavier flow underwear? I’ve bled through multiple pairs.

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