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Men's Briefs Underwear

You’re the kind of guy that adheres to the old saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” when it comes to your choice of brief underwear for men. The brief style is an old classic that’s been updated for the modern man so you have what you need to tackle your day. At American Eagle Outfitters we know comfort is king, so we include all the essentials and more in our brief designs so you have the perfect cut, fit and feel every day of the week.

Classic brief underwear uses elements like a contoured pouch, moisture-wicking fabric and breathable designs to create what we consider the perfect fit for brief-wearers. Cotton briefs offer a lightweight and soft feel, and Flex briefs wick moisture away to keep you cool and dry on hot days. Flat contrast seams make brief underwear anti-chafing and anti-bunching, which makes them fit even better under your favorite pair of American Eagle flat front shorts or jeans.

American Eagle branding lets everyone know what kind of guy you are, and hits of color make sure you can add your fresh style to every layer you put on. Boring old underwear at AE? Not a chance. Our designs use the best colors, patterns, holiday designs and more so you can constantly update your men’s underwear with the latest and greatest. Whether you’re a brief underwear guy only or you dabble in the world of trunk underwear or boxer briefs, AE’s got all the picks to keep your underwear as fresh as you.

If you love the snug and secure brief underwear fit but want more coverage, then our boxer briefs are going to change your life. They provide the same security of the brief style but have a 6” and 9” inseam for longer leg cover. Or maybe you only want a little more coverage. That’s cool too! Our 2” and 3” trunk underwear covers your legs a bit but not too much so you can stay comfortable every time you slip in your AE jeans and hit it.