This past International Women’s Day, more than 300 members of your Aerie fam came together for our first-ever AerieREAL Summit, a day of powerful conversations and workshops to celebrate REAL change. In this Real Talk, 6 strong women shared their thoughts on the importance of the day and how they’re creating REAL change for women everywhere!

These women are BRINGING the encouragement and the excitement: Lola Ogunnaike (Journalist and People TV anchor), Lana Condor (#AerieREAL Role Model & Actor), Tiff McFierce (#AerieREAL Role Model, DJ & Wellness Advocate), Dre Thomas (#AerieREAL Role Model & Founder of Smile on Me), Breanne Butler (Chef-tivist) and Molly Burke (#AerieREAL Role Model, YouTuber & Motivational Speaker).

This was already personal, but to finish the Real Talk, Lola asked each woman to get *even more* personal by sharing a piece of advice that really stayed with them. What they said is proof that when we shine by sharing our light and our stories, we give the world and our communities inspo that can last forever.

Lola Ogunnaike, Lana Condor, Tiff McFierce, Molly Burke, Dre Thomas and Breanne Butler.

What words do you think of when you need a reminder to keep going? Comment below and share it with your Aerie fam!

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