Hopefully you’ve been getting your bum in shape since watching Nicole Steen’s booty-toning session, but now it’s time to add another special workout to our OFFLINE Movement Series! We’re back with fitness pro Emily Scott James who will take us through a full-body circuit workout, using moves from her multifaceted experience in HIIT, dance and more. 

Watch it below and follow along as she gets all of our limbs in action, then make sure to keep scrolling to learn more about Emily in our Q&A. 

Name & Location: Emily Scott James. I live in Brooklyn, NY, but am currently staying with family in my hometown in beautiful (but tiny) Rhode Island since the start of COVID craziness. 

What kind of workouts do you teach?  

Back in NYC, I teach a class called Element. It is a HIIT class focused on treadmill intervals and strength training on a Keiser Function Trainer that allows you to train power and speed. I also teach HIIT circuit classes, strength training, and my personal favorite, DANCE CARDIO! I am a former professional dancer, so I try to incorporate my dance training into my workouts. Most of my classes focus on strength, length, agility, and mobility… think strength training with a side of dance cardio/barre. 

What’s your advice for people who are just starting their fitness journey? 

My advice is to be CONSISTENT. You can start at your own pace, but be consistent. Make a goal to work out several times a week and stick to it! I also suggest finding some sort of workout that you truly enjoy, so you look forward to that part of your day. Ask yourself what your body and your mind need that day. Maybe it’s a peaceful yoga flow to take your mind off chaos at work? Maybe it’s boxing to let off some steam? Maybe it’s dance cardio to SWEAT and have fun while doing it? 

You can start at your own pace, but be consistent. 

What’s your favorite fitness move?  

Oh, that’s a tough one!!! I love any variation of a sumo squat. It may be due to my dance background and my love for a good grand plié in second position (shout out to all my dancers)! 

What is your advice during these times to continue a workout routine without having to go to the gym if you don’t have access to equipment? 

We are lucky we live in a digital world with so many incredible trainers at your fingertips via social media! There are countless home workouts available online and on Instagram. Take this as an opportunity to TRY NEW THINGS and TRAIN WITH NEW PEOPLE. Get creative! Fill a backpack with some old books for weighted squats. Grab some water jugs for bicep curls.  Use your couch or coffee table (maybe remove the shoes 😉) for elevated split squats. The possibilities are endless. 

Grab a workout buddy to stay accountable and consistent.  A friend of mine goes on daily morning walks with family to get their step count up. It’s also a great way for some extra quality time with family or friends. 

Now it’s time to give your body a break Aerie fam! But first, tell us in the comments what your favorite part of the workout was.  

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