We last caught up in our OFFLINE Movement Series with Emily Scott James’ full-body circuit workout, but we hope our Aerie fam is ready to get moving in another new session. This time around yoga pro Melanie Waldman will take us through a routine that can work for all body types and abilities, and help us truly tap into our mind-body connection. Watch it below and follow along, then make sure to keep scrolling to learn more about Melanie in our Q&A. 

Name & Location: Melanie Waldman, Egg Harbor Township, NJ (not very far from Atlantic City) 

What kind of workouts do you teach?  

I teach accessible yoga and power yoga for all ages, body types and abilities. 

What’s your advice for people who are just starting their fitness journey? 

My advice is to not let the influence of others to deter you from your sense of self-worth. Having a physical fitness practice holds its own importance but I think that starting a connected or spiritual practice with yourself is of the utmost importance in your journey, as well!

I take a moment to connect my body to my mind and remind myself that each and every day is different.

Personally, I live with lupus SLE & EBV and I have days where I absolutely cannot do much more than stand up to get to my bathroom. Instead of letting myself get frustrated by what my body can’t do (which is extremely easy to do), I take a moment to connect my body to my mind and remind myself that each and every day is different. Luckily, COVID-19 has curbed my “fomo” (fear of missing out), quite a bit. Just because I’m having a bad day, that doesn’t separate me from my self-worth.  

I am the one who is responsible for how I live my life, both spiritually and physically, on my journey. 

Still, in this time I think quarantine has really grounded me in the idea of taking each day as well as I (and we all) can. In doing so, this reminds me that I am the one who is responsible for how I live my life, both spiritually and physically, on my journey. 

What’s your favorite fitness move?  

Breathing, surprisingly enough! Some days that’s all we really can do and it’s also all that we can attempt to control, for ourselves. There is so much power to be found in breathwork that it can feel liberating in moments of stress or added pressure. 
This process may sound familiar to some because that’s also what’s known as meditating! Even three inhales and three exhales are meditation. I like to take a few breaths when I feel unsettled, this brings me clarity and helps me to focus on what’s most important ahead of me. Taking time to connect with the inner-self and inner-divine is one big power-move in my book! 

What is your advice during these times to continue a workout routine without having to go to the gym if you don’t have access to equipment? 

You can meditate and breathe just about anywhere!  They are both there for you at any time that you may need them. The more time that you spend taking a moment to incorporate these practices — as well as mindfulness and mental health practices — the better you will be able to respond vs. react in times that are out of our control and/or [cause] distress. 

Are you feeling refreshed? We want to hear from you Aerie fam so tell us in the comments what your favorite part of the workout was. 

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