We last caught up in our OFFLINE Movement Series with Melanie Waldman’s inclusive yoga exercises, and now we’re back with a new session to keep the active vibes going. Next up, Aerie’s own videographer and editor Elizabeth Cayoutte will be breaking down a routine that focuses on our core strength. Watch as she demonstrates with excellent form and try to follow along at home before reading more about Elizabeth in our Q&A. 

Name & Location: Elizabeth Cayouette. I live in Pittsburgh, PA, near the Aerie corporate office! 

What kind of workouts do you teach? 

Most recently, I’ve taught At Home Strength Training and Womxn on Weights at the American Eagle gym. Before moving to Pittsburgh, I taught Bodyweight Bootcamp. I love introducing women to the benefits of strength training and helping people find fitness routines that work for them! 

What’s your advice for people who are just starting their fitness journey?  

My advice is to do what you enjoy on each given day! I try to move each morning, but sometimes that looks like a weightlifting session, sometimes it’s a yoga flow, and sometimes it’s just a walk around the block. I’ve let go of workouts and specific exercises that I no longer enjoy doing, regardless of their benefits, and that makes me way happier! 

What’s your favorite fitness move?  

My favorite fitness move is a hamstring stretch! I played rugby throughout college and didn’t stretch as much as I should have, which left my muscles tight and my mobility limited. Since moving to Pittsburgh I’ve explored Yin Yoga and built a stretching routine. A hamstring stretch where I lay on my back with a band around my foot while I stretch my leg to the ceiling has done amazing things for my mobility. I constantly feel the benefits of the time I spend increasing my flexibility. 

What is your advice during these times to continue a workout routine without having to go to the gym if you don’t have access to equipment? 

My advice is to be flexible and forgiving with yourself. My current workout routine doesn’t look like my workout routine did six months ago, and I’m glad it doesn’t! I appreciate not feeling locked into making it to my weekly yoga class, or Wednesday leg day. It helps me to block off a set time in my schedule to workout, but to decide day of what I want to do with that time.   

We hope that you sweat it out with these core strength moves in your favorite OFFLINE™ by Aerie pieces. Tell us in the comments what your favorite part of the workout was!  

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