We last caught up in our OFFLINE Movement Series with Aerie’s own Elizabeth Cayouette and her core strength exercises, and now we’re back with a new session to add to your routine. Next up, we’re bringing you a strength training and body weight workout by Antonia DeSantis. Watch and try to follow along at home before reading more about Antonia in our Q&A below. 

Name & Location: Antonia DeSantis. I live in Chicago but am originally from NY! 🙂 

What kind of workouts do you teach? 

I teach cycling, pilates megaformer, boxing & strength/HIIT classes. A little bit of everything to make sure you get a variety in your workouts. 🙂 

What’s your advice for people who are just starting their fitness journey?  

Take it slow, do the best you can and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone started somewhere. Everyone was new to exercise at one point. You are not alone. So, embrace your journey, respect your body & be proud that you made the decision to start. That is the hardest part! 

What’s your favorite fitness move?  

I love planks. They not only work your core but strengthen your entire body. And the variations are endless to increase challenge & variety.  Bonus, you can do them anywhere & they will also help improve your pushups…another great fitness move! 

What is your advice during these times to continue a workout routine without having to go to the gym if you don’t have access to equipment? 

Be open to other forms of exercise that you can do at home….anything outdoors like walking, hiking or cycling. Or indoors like all the great online workout classes, workout apps etc. You will be surprised how effective a different workout routine can be for your body & mind. Also, be sure to still schedule your workouts in your daily routine to make sure they happen. And don’t put pressure on yourself to replicate what you were doing at the gym. Instead focus on what you can consistently do right now. It adds up! Just keep moving & schedule time to move daily! 🙂 

We hope that you were sweating it out with these strength training and body weight moves in your favorite OFFLINE™ by Aerie pieces. Tell us in the comments what your favorite part of the workout was! 

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