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Room Décor: Tapestries, Rugs & More
Sometimes the finishing touches are the best part of a room. Which is why you should put room décor at the top of your shopping list when it’s time to think about going back to school. Shop American Eagle’s Happy Space collection for all the room décor and apartment decorations you need to make your space more comfortable and cozy this year. Round out your desk by adding a fan and organizers, and keep your Zen attitude going strong by adding candles and a salt lamp to your bedside table. Decorate your space your way with canvas prints, a new chair and maybe even a dreamcatcher. No matter how you like to decorate your dorm or apartment, you can always make your space more you with AE’s line of room décor.

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day of classes to a comfortable space, so make your room the best it can be with all the detail items like wall hangings, desk organizers, shelves, art, candles, wall hooks and other decorations that make your dorm or apartment better than ever. Whether you’re moving into your dorm for freshman year or are a seasoned upperclassman moving into an apartment with some friends, there’s always room for a little improvement when it comes to room and dorm décor. Soft, drapey tapestries are an easy way to decorate your space, and other essentials like canvas prints make your space feel a little more like home.

And don’t stop there – keep the room décor going strong with other accent pieces like desk accessories, kitchen décor, bathroom décor and maybe even some new bedding like comforters and pillows, too. Start the school year off on the right foot by refreshing your space with a little help from Happy Space at American Eagle.