Loungewear Tops for Men

From the bottom to the top, we want you to be comfortable with our line of men’s loungewear tops. AE lounge has all the fits you need to stay cozy when it’s bed time, when you just want a chill night in, or when you’re having a lazy Saturday morning. Whether it’s short sleeve or long sleeve tops, plain shirts or graphic ones, American Eagle lounge tops make it easy to sit back and relax.

Let’s talk about lounging attire. We know sometimes you just need to hang in your boxers, so we recommend checking out AE underwear for men for those days. But when you have to run out for a quick errand or have friends staying over, getting dressed is your only option. AE lounge tops and lounge bottoms deliver serious comfort for those days when, unfortunately, you have to put some layers or pajama tops and bottoms on.

AE tops are made in short and long sleeve designs so you have options for warmer or colder weather. Soft materials like cotton and Flex fabric are comfortable and perfect for chilling, and sweatshirts and base layers keep you ready for whatever. Other materials like flannel, thermal and base layer designs make sure you have more than one choice when it’s time to layer up in crazy comfort.

Sometimes matching is just the way to go. It means you don’t have to decide what goes with what, or worry about what you’re going to wear. Matching your top with AE lounge bottoms keeps your look simple, cool and more importantly, comfy. Sleepwear, loungewear, wear it wherever wear, we’ve got the basics covered for all your lounging, sleeping, hanging needs. Match your AE lounge top with a pair of joggers for a more tapered athletic feel, or suit up in your favorite pair of athletic shorts for a chill vibe.