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Sunnylife Pom Pom String Lights

String Lights, Lamps & Home Lighting

Light it up your way with all the lamps, string lights and home lighting you can think of from the AEO Apartment collection. Your space should always reflect who you are, so make sure you’re setting the stage your way with all the lighting options you want. Whether you’re redecorating your dorm, bedroom, apartment or anywhere else, string lights and lamps are never a bad idea to create the atmosphere you want. And if you’re wondering how to decorate a dorm room, lamps are an easy way to do it. They add a personal touch to your relaxing space, your study space, your chill space, and whatever kind of space you’re looking to create.

Light up the night with LED lamps that fit your mood, or keep things light and free with string lights that add a little twinkle to your bedroom. Whatever your preferred light source is, keep the inspiration coming with our APT collection. Give your room a warm glow with a salt lamp that naturally ionizes the air, or keep things simple with a night light that keeps the scaries at bay. Sometimes to bring a room together all you need is a little light. Or if you’re feeling up to a full room decoration, add other room décor options like tapestries, wall hangings, art, shelves, candles and more. With an update from the APT collection, you can make your room reflect who you are and what you’re into. Start with something simple like a set of string lights then add some art, a letter board and some shelves and you’ve got a space that’s personalized in an instant.

Lamps aren’t the only way to liven up your living space! Redecorate your dorm with a little help from AE’s Apartment, Dorm & Home Décor collection. We make all the must-have home décor and apartment accessories to get you through back-to-school shopping and into the school year feeling good about your dorm or apartment style. Update your room with Dormify bedding, some new pillows, a couple throw blankets and more. Then move onto the other areas of your house with kitchen décor, party supplies, desk accessories and bathroom décor. Whatever you need to organize and decorate your space this year, we’ve got you covered with plenty of options to make your space the place to be!