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High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

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High Waisted Bikini Bottom Swimwear
Started from the bottom now we’re here! Women’s high waisted bikini bottoms are THE fit of the season. They’re super cute, offer some tummy coverage, and keep you looking good no matter what your summer adventures bring. High waisted bikini styles smooth your hips for a slimming, flattering look ideal for diving in, laying out and lounging around all summer long. Aerie makes cute bikinis to meet you where you’re at so you can feel good and be confident this summer. Women’s swimsuits should make you feel good about your summer style every time you wear them!

Little details like ruching at the front hem, double lining for extra coverage, stripe track deets & more keep this style as fresh as it is cute. Aerie bikini bottoms are made with fabric that stretches the right amount for your active swim days, and some styles use textured fabrics like ribbed and pique to add more dimension. Playing sand volleyball on the beach, throwing a frisbee around with friends or heading out on the boat are no match for our women’s swimwear. You can move, stretch, jump and dive in total comfort with Aerie high waisted bikini bottoms.

Matching tops create a great cohesive look with your high waisted bikini bottoms, but if you want to keep ‘em guessing, change things up with our mix & match bikini tops and bottoms. Our bathing suit bottoms and swimsuit tops come in the cutest seasonal colors and designs with some fun throwback style so you can keep the sunshine coming all year long. Aerie women’s swimwear offers free shipping & free returns too so you can find the right fit for your next beach vacation or party. Switch things up with one piece swimsuits, or play around with bikinis to love the swim you’re in.

And what is the best swimsuit without the right swimwear accessories? Not nearly as much fun! Sunglasses, hair ties, sandals and more complete your Aerie-approved summer outfits with a totally put-together yet laid-back vibe. For a to and from look you’ll love, throw on a pair of shorts and a swimsuit cover up for effortless style that just doesn’t quit. Or if you want to break out from the two piece bikini style you’ve come to love, try out a one piece swimsuit for a different look and feel this summer. You just might love it!